How to Install Car Windshield Sun Shades

How to Install Car Windshield Sun Shades

Car windshield sun shades: how to install them

When the weather gets hot, protecting your vehicle's interior from UV radiation and keeping it cool and comfortable becomes even more important. A sun shade is one of the most basic and efficient ways to do this.

Installing a sunshade is straightforward, but due to the many various brands and styles available, installation will vary depending on the shade you choose. Fortunately,Β Ezcustomcar is here to assist you with some simple installation instructions for your new windshield sun shade, depending on the design you choose.

Installing a Foldable Style

1. First and foremost, open your car's sun shade. It'll be a lot easier than trying to open it outside and then taking it inside.

2. Place the bottom edge of the shade against the dash's farthest edge, where it meets the windshield. Make sure the sun shade is as close to the windshield as possible while you're doing this.

3. Third, push the shade's upper edge against the upper edge of your windshield. A slight slot on the top of your sun cover should allow it to fit around your rearview mirror and flush against your windshield.

4. Last but not least, open your sun visors to fasten the shade to your windshield.

5. Pull the upper edge of the shade toward you and around the rearview mirror to close it. When the shade is closed, fold the panels together to align them. TIP: After sitting in the sun for a while, the highly reflecting material might get hot, so don't contact it directly.

Installation in the Roll-Up Style

1. Take out your sunshade and roll it up.

2. Position the shade flat against the windshield and lower your sun visors to secure the shade in place. Small suction cups on certain shades should be pushed firmly on the glass.

3. To store your sun shade, just roll it up and use the handy built-in Velcro straps to secure it in place.

Installation in the Accordion Style

1. From the passenger seat, attach the two mounting brackets to the rear of the shade's buttons.

2. Once the brackets are in place, put the shade next to the passenger-side pillar post, halfway up the windshield. Position the handle such that you can easily grip it with your right hand from the driver's side.

3. Lay the mounting brackets flat on the windshield and use masking tape, an erasable marker, or a wax crayon to indicate their places (an assistant may be helpful for this step).

4. Clean the window cover thoroughly and remove the back paper on the brackets from the adhesive pads. So that the brackets are properly attached to the glass, press the shade against the windshield. Attempt to come as near as possible to the previously designated places.

5. Gently pull the shade off the brackets and push hard on the flat portions of the brackets.

6. Attach the shade to the passenger-side brackets.

7. Connect one bracket to the shade's handle button and stretch it across the windshield to the driver's side windshield post. Pull the shade around rather than beneath the mirror.

8. Use masking tape, an erasable marker, or a wax crayon to indicate the latch bracket's locations, but leave enough leeway at the top of the windshield to make it simpler to pull the sun shade off the bracket and retract into its casting.

9. Put on the side bracket of the driver's latch.

10. Just drag your shade over the windshield and attach that – you're never supposed to dump it!

NOTE: Only before first shade is used should these measures be performed. Only you need to draw the shade through your windshield when it is semi-durably placed.

Tip From Ezcustomcar

We recommend a custom-fit sun shade for the best fit, regardless of the type of car you drive. You can read more about the advantages and disadvantages of bespoke vs universal fit shades here. Whichever option you select, you'll be on your way to more comfortable seats and a more responsive steering wheel.

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