Steering Wheel Covers

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Steering Wheel Covers - Protect and Customize Your Wheel with Our Options

As car enthusiasts, we all want to keep our vehicles in pristine condition both inside and out, but sometimes it can be difficult to maintain that brand-new look over time, especially when it comes to the interior of our cars.

One way to help protect your car's interior while also customizing its appearance is by installing a steering wheel cover from

Why Use a Steering Wheel Cover?

A steering wheel cover is designed to slip over your existing steering wheel, providing an additional layer of protection against wear and tear caused by daily use such as hand oils or UV damage from sunlight exposure during hot days on summer. Moreover, investing in a quality steering wheel cover will give you extra grip on the road which ultimately gives you better control over your vehicle.

Material Types for Steering Wheel Covers

There are several different materials used in manufacturing steering wheel covers; each material has its own unique advantages based on customer preferences.


Leather has long been seen as one of the most luxurious materials for steering wheel covers. It is durable and provides a great grip while driving. However, it requires frequent maintenance to keep its quality.

Synthetic Leather

If you're looking for an affordable option that looks just like genuine leather, synthetic leather may be the best choice for you. Synthetic leather is made from polyurethane and has similar durability characteristics as real leather.


Microfiber is another popular material used in making steering wheel covers. It's soft and comfortable to hold, yet durable enough to withstand continuous use over time.


Neoprene is a waterproof material that can protect your hands from moisture or humidity on rainy days or during winter seasons when the temperature drops.

Design Options for Steering Wheel Covers

There are several design options available at, so you can choose one that matches your style preferences:

Solid Colors

For those who prefer a simple look with no patterns or designs, solid color options are available in various shades of black, gray or beige which blend well with most car interiors.

Two-Tone Designs

Two-tone designs combine two different colors in one cover and often provide an upscale appearance without being too flashy.

Printed Patterns

If you want something more unique than plain colours or two-tone designs, printed patterns might be what you're looking for! From leopard print to floral motifs - there's sure to be something that fits your personal taste.

Customization Options for Steering Wheel Covers offers customization services where customers can personalize their steering wheel covers by adding names or logos using embroidery technology. This way customers get stylish protection against wear and tear while also promoting their own brand!

How To Choose The Right Size And Fit Of Your Steering Wheel Cover

Before buying any new accessory always check if it fits properly otherwise it will be difficult to install and might come off while driving, which is dangerous. Measure your steering wheel's diameter first then refer to the sizing chart provided by when ordering your new cover.

Installation Process for Your New Steering Wheel Cover

Installing a steering wheel cover is relatively easy and can be done at home without professional help. Simply slide the cover onto the steering wheel starting from top to bottom until it fits snugly around the rim of the wheel. However, if you're having trouble installing or removing it, you can always consult our customer service department for assistance.

Care And Maintenance Instructions

Proper care and maintenance will extend the life of your steering wheel cover:

  • Clean regularly with a damp cloth to prevent dirt buildup
  • Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight over extended periods
  • Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage its surface

The Benefits of Using EzCustomcar as Your Source for Car Accessories

EzCustomcar has been in business for years providing high-quality car accessories designed specifically with customers' needs in mind. All products are made from premium materials offering durability and longevity while also providing stylish customization options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How often should I clean my steering wheel cover?

A: It's recommended that you clean your steering wheel cover once every two weeks using a damp cloth.

Q: Is installation hard?

A: No, installation is simple and straightforward; just follow our provided instructions.

Q: Can I customize my own design on my new steering wheel cover?

A: Yes! We offer custom embroidery services so you can add any text or logo you want.

Q: Will a new steering wheel fit perfectly into my car interior?

A: Our covers are designed to fit most standard-sized wheels on various makes and models of cars.

Q: What's the average lifespan of a steering wheel cover?

A: With proper care and maintenance, you can expect your steering wheel cover to last for years.


If you want to protect and customize your car's interior while also providing extra grip on the road, consider adding a steering wheel cover from With various options available in materials, designs, customization services and easy installation process - there’s something for everyone!