The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Car in Sailor Moon Style

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The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Car in Sailor Moon Style

The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Car in Sailor Moon Style

As an anime fan, expressing your love for your favorite characters can be done in many ways. One of which is by decorating your car with custom accessories that showcase your unique style. If you're a Sailor Moon fan, you're in luck! Ezcustomcar has got everything you need to transform your ride into a magical girl's dream.

Showcasing Your Love for Sailor Moon

When it comes to accessorizing your car with the best things related to Sailor Moon, there are numerous items available on our website. From complete custom car mats designs, seat covers and even small interior ornaments perfect as gifts. Here are some must-have products that will set the tone right:

  1. Sailor Moon Symbols Anime Car Ornament: This adorable little ornament features all the symbols from the Inner Senshi! It's great for hanging from the rearview mirror or adding some flair to any part of your vehicle's interior.

  2. Sailor Mercury Car Floor Mats Custom: These floor mats add elegance and style while protecting against harsh dirt and dust elements.

  3. Sailor Uranus Tumbler Cup Custom: Keep yourself hydrated during long journeys while staying true to one of our favourite heroes.

Finding Inspiration from Other Collections

In addition to these pieces listed above direct linkable product pages often come side-by-side with other collections which offer complementary themes guaranteeing originality at every turn:

  1. Sailor Moon Car Accessories: Maybe you want to represent your favorite scouts on your car? This collection is perfect! Our hats, stickers and phone cases can be affixed to the exterior of your vehicle for true Sailor Moon lovers who are always loyal.

  2. Sailormoon Car Floor Matsย and Seat Covers Collection: If you're looking for custom floor mats or seat covers that match the interior of your vehicle then this collection will provide the best options. You'll find these pieces follow a feminine floral theme with vibrant colours such as pink, purple and blue.

  3. Usagi Tsukino Bundle: Sailor Moon Cover Combo: Serving an excellent gifting option for anime lovers - by providing complete coverage from steering wheel covers up to unique sunshade designs all following Usagi's classic winks emoji poses.

Keeping It Simple

If you'd like to add some subtle flair without going overboard with customization, try our minimalist pads and protectors in our "car accessories" tab of each essence-driven page aimed at promoting usability:

  1. Bring down fatigue during driving hours with these Saturn-inspired wristbands sold through multiple product pages;

  2. Say goodbye to trekking dirt inside the car through custom kick plates which showcase iconic phrases used often throughout every sailor moon iteration;


Decorating your car in Sailor Moon style when done right is never beyond reach! Opting into originality via EzCustomcar offers numerous possibilities ensuring any fan can stand out among their peers. Whether itโ€™s just adding a couple of accessories or doing a full makeover; we hope this article has given you inspiration and ideas for decorating your own homage-to-Sailor-Moon masterpiece on wheels. Contact us today if more assistance is needed since we have a design team ready to bring your dream car creation into existence.


1. What are Sailor Moon car accessories?
Sailor Moon car accessories are custom-designed products that allow fans of the beloved anime series to decorate their cars or vehicles with images and designs inspired by the show.

2. What kind of Sailor Moon car accessories can I find at Ezcustomcar?
Ezcustomcar offers a wide range of customized products such as floor mats, seat covers, steering wheel covers, sunshades, wristbands, kick plates among others all featuring your favourite characters from the anime.

3. How can I be sure that the quality of Sailor Moon car accessories on Ezcustomcar is good?
At Ezcustomcar, we use only premium materials and technologies for all our products to ensure high-quality standards are met without a doubtโ€”so our customers can count on enjoying their purchases for years to come!

4. Can I use these Custom Accessories on my vehicle's original equipment manufacturer (OEM) seats?
Yes. Our state-of-the-art technologies used in design takes complete consideration for every make and model regardless if they come equipped with airbags ensuring you will not face any compatibility problem upon purchase;

5. Can I return or exchange custom must-have items/products on
As each item is made-to-order specifically for its buyer only we cannot provide exchanges nor issue refunds unless an item was either delivered faulty or does not fit your specific year/make/model vehicle.
However we encourage buyers to verify size dimensions displayed in each productโ€™s page before submission to ensure that purchased merchandises meet their expectations.