We probably don't spend much time thinking about car floor mats. However, given the quantity of soil, muck, water, and slush you track into your car on a regular basis, you might want to reconsider. All of that filth is bad for your car's resale value. A set of custom-fit floor mats may dramatically improve the appearance of your vehicle's interior while also decreasing overall wear and tear on your carpet. It is critical that you fit the car mats to the carpet's dimensions; you may need to cut rubber floor mats to fit. When you compare the cost of a new set of carpet mats for your car to the cost of having a new carpet installed, the floor/carpet mats are a great deal.

Car mats are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, so finding the right ones for your car or truck is crucial. You can have vehicle mats put quickly and easily by following a few simple steps.

Step: 01 – Measure

Each automobile has its own carpet area. As a result, while purchasing auto-floor mats, you must first measure the carpet area. Get a measuring tape, paper, a pencil, and a scissor to assist you. Begin by using the tape to measure the carpet and then drawing those measurements on the paper. You will be able to design a prototype of the car mat for the specific region as a result of this, providing you a better view and idea. This should be done for each part.

Cut it out using scissors once it's finished, and store the designs in the car. Keep in mind that there may be some tilt areas to consider as well. Check to see if the paper fully covers all regions of the carpet and cut out more sections to experiment with. You can take the final dimensions and deliver it to a professional vehicle mat maker like Ezcustomcar when the paper has covered all of the places with the slants included. This step will clear up a lot of your questions about how to install vehicle mats.

Step: 02 – Style and Type

After you've determined the mat's measurements, the following step is to decide on the best style and type of mat. You can make a decision based on your needs. Standard fit car mats, which are used for specific types of cars and are inexpensive, are available. Improved fit car mats are meant to fit more snugly than standard fit vehicle mats. Vehicle-specific car mats are created specifically for a single automobile model. Fully tailored vehicle mats are created to the user's specifications by car mat professionals.

The next step is to choose from standard, all-weather, cargo liners, carpeted, rubber, heavy duty, or metal vehicle mats. The type of automobile mat determines how prone it is to fluids and how effectively it stays in place once fitted. Take a look at the back of these vehicle mats as well. Gripper car mats or coated car mats are both options. Our car mats from Ezcustomcar have a non-slip grip and are composed of a high-grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that has no odor and is manufactured in-house.

Step: 03 – Installation of Car Mats

It's time to set up your car carpets after you've measured and discovered the ideal fit. Before you begin, make sure you remove your old mats to avoid duplicating the car mats, which could lead to the car mats slipping off the carpet area. It is also a good idea to vacuum the carpet area to ensure that there is no dust or debris underneath it. When you get into the car, you don't want to hear the chips wrapper crinkle.

Now, take each mat and figure out which one would be best for each side. Place the mats and make sure they don't get in the way of the pedals or seat straps. Finally, see if your seats can move freely without influencing the vehicle's position car mats

We hope this information has been useful in assisting you with your mat-madness. At EzCustomcar, you may start protecting your vehicle's floor with 100% personalised car mats.

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