A Battle of Strength: Gohan Beast vs Moro Ultra Instinct

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A Battle of Strength: Gohan Beast vs Moro Ultra Instinct - EzCustomcar

A Battle of Strength: Gohan Beast vs Moro Ultra Instinct

In the world of Dragon Ball Super, we have seen a myriad of powerful and unforgettable characters. Two such characters are Gohan Beast and Moro Ultra Instinct. These two characters bring their unique strengths and styles to the table that make them formidable foes in any battle.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at these two powerhouses, compare their abilities and strengths, analyze their fighting styles, assess their advantages and disadvantages, explore some of their best battles against each other as well as others throughout the series, examine how they measure up against other top fighters in the Dragon Ball universe, evaluate fan reactions to their showdowns, and answer some frequently asked questions about these skilled combatants.

Overview of Dragon Ball Super Characters

Before we dive into a head-to-head comparison between Gohan Beast and Moro Ultra Instinct, let's take a brief look at some primary characters to understand what makes them so special.


Goku is one of the most iconic Dragon Ball superheroes. He has many techniques that allow him to defeat his enemies with ease. One such technique is his ability to transform into various forms when needed.


Vegeta possesses immense strength due to his royal Saiyan bloodline. Over time he has honed his skills as a fighter and developed multiple powerful moves.


Piccolo is another significant Dragon Ball character who plays as a mentor-sensei figure for Gohan while training him in martial arts. His signature move is transforming into Giant Namekian form where he grows several times larger than an average human being.


Krillin may not always be the strongest Dragon Ball character out there but he makes up for it with his cunning intelligence which results in making quick-thinking decisions that keep him alive in tough situations.

Strengths of Gohan Beast

Gohan is one of the most compelling Dragon Ball characters. As a child, he was initially seen as an intellectual and gentle character but eventually developed into a fierce fighter. In his journey, he transformed into various forms such as Super Saiyan and Mystic form.

However, one of his most remarkable forms is Gohan Beast mode. Unlike other forms where Gohan gets stronger by mere transformations, this form directly transforms him into a creature resembling that of a werewolf or wolf-like appearance.

In this state, Gohan's physical ability is amplified in all aspects including strength, speed, agility or enhanced hair structures such as fangs and fur. His senses are also improved to be on par with Saiyan abilities like being able to track down opponents within proximity.

Despite having become physically strong after becoming the 'Great Saiyaman,' however, many fans were disappointed with how Gohan turned out to be following the Cell Games Saga since he preferred living life peacefully over training in martial arts.

Strengths of Moro Ultra Instinct

Moro is regarded as one of Goku's toughest villains to battle against who could only be defeated by mastering certain levels of power. He is known to drain energy from planets while also possessing excellent skills in both hand-to-hand combat and magical abilities for years.

What makes Moro unique is how he attained his Ultra Instinct form which is typically reserved for god-like deities or those capable enough to master every possible move available during battle completely.

Most beings need rigorous training that requires them exceptional control over their best attributes such as extreme toughness, mobility flexibility among other things strictly related to their fighting style.

But Moro obtained this immense power by absorbing Merus' divine powers just before losing it to Vegeta who successfully used it later against him in battle - making him virtually unbeatable due to mastering everything there's regarding combat techniques possibly!

Power Levels Comparison between Gohan Beast and Moro UI Mode

In Dragon Ball Super, every character has a specific power level mentioned as opposed to regular Dragon Ball. These power levels range from 1 to 10,000 where the higher figures per each unit represent increased strength.

For instance, when Goku first turned into Super Saiyan against Freiza on Namek planet, his power level escalated from around 3 million to more than 150 million in terms of combat ability!

Gohan Beast's Power Level

As for Gohan's Beast form power rating, we don't have official numbers since it wasn't elaborated in the series directly. But what we do know is that he easily overcame weaker opponents without any struggle such as the individuals who invaded his home planet during the 'Broly' movie and Yamcha.

Moreover, Gohan concluded off his training even though Piccolo refused to conduct any more sessions with him presumably indicating how much stronger this transformed Saiyan character had become compared previously seen before.

Moro UI Mode Power Level

In terms of accurately calculating Moro's Ultra Instinct mode because don’t have exact numbers; however, considering his natural capacities alone against Goku Ultra Instinct during 'Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods', Moro’s capabilities could be at least twice or roughly equivalent but generally lower than Goku at full capacity.

Fighting Style & Combative Techniques Between Gohan Beast vs Moro UI

Upon looking at both – Gohan Beast and Moro - certain patterns emerged in their fighting style and combative techniques.

Gohan prefers using a powerful barrage of punches combined with high speed upon completely transforming into beast mode. He can also use energy blasts like the famous Kamehameha wave just like most other characters within the Dragon Ball universe along with utilizing melee strikes; physical attacks executed by hands and legs instead of using ki or energy-based attacks exclusively. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Moro Ultra Instinct who uses counters instead at every possible opportunity possible to make his opponents pay for missing just one move. 

As well as being intelligent, he is also a master at magic and can create barriers, manipulate energy shots from the opponent's hand via absorption techniques making it impossible for most characters ever to defeat Moro in any significant combat.

Advantages & Disadvantages For Each Fighter

Despite having their unique strengths and abilities, both Gohan Beast and Moro UI have certain advantages and disadvantages when battling against each other.

Gohan Beast


- Increased strength after transforming

- Enhanced senses similar to Saiyan warriors

- Can use various fighting techniques effectively


- Requires him fully transformed into beast mode before using his abilities best

- Lack of focus when not as Beast

Moro UI Mode 


- Obtains unmatched Ultra Instinct power that even the strongest Gods cannot match.

- Possesses exceptional control over magical abilities

- Skillful in absorbing power from planets or fighters.


- Ultra Instinct form could fade anytime, especially if gassed out during battle long enough since it requires intense strain on users’ bodies; thus weakening them over time.

Best Fights Between Both Combatants

One of the most-awaited battles between Dragon Ball fans is Gohan Beast versus Moro Ultra Instinct. During Uub's match with Goku at the Tenkaichi Budokai tournament, an alien invader attacked Earth demanding all its life force energy for personal consumption purposes slaughtering countless innocent people along with causing immense destruction.

With no choice but to fight against him, Gohan immediately transformed into his wolf-like form hoping that this incredible transformation surmounting natural Saiyan strength would help him overpower this newest threat sent by Badda Loo himself known all too well across multiple universes in reality according to Whis.

As they both engaged in combat underneath a dark night sky garnished with purple and blue hues, fans realized that Gohan had finally regained the fighting spirit after long being removed from it.

Moro UI was equally as impressive against him and arguably even stronger when compared with previous fighters Goku fought in his career!

Legendary Battles Between Other Opponents

Throughout the series, several legendary fights took place between different Dragon Ball characters. The following are a few notable ones:

Goku Vs Frieza: This battle is considered one of the most memorable in Dragon Ball history. It showcased how powerful Goku had become, having achieved Super Saiyan transformation by means of strong willpower needed to capitalize on Frieza’s arrogance towards less skilled opponents.

Goku Vs Jiren: Another iconic fight came during the tournament of power between Jiren and Goku. We were treated to an incredible exchange of powers from both sides during this epic showdown that left audiences around the world at their seats edge.

Vegeta Vs Broly: In recent years anime fans worldwide rejoiced witnessing two fan favourites finally coming face-to-face in movie format - pitting Vegeta against Broly, a devastatingly powerful adversary who wouldn't back down despite losing power eventually due to Vegeta's superior control over ki-technique alone.

How Each Fighter Compares Against Other Top Fighters In The Series

When it comes to comparing each fighter against other top-ranked competitors within their respective leagues, numerous factors come into play such as strength levels seen on screen time for high impact combats among other things.

For instance, taking Gohan Beast form back again; while he may have been able simply overpower Yamcha trivially but would still struggle more compared to some tougher rivals like Piccolo or even Krillin (who has said himself countless times how weak he is relatively speaking) in skillset required past feats featured within Dragon Ball Super.

Similarly across multiple sagas that feature Moro, we witness him facing off against all kinds of rival combatants including Vegeta, Jiren, and Goku respectively; with his abilities adapting to each fight's demands created by their combat styles. Therefore depending on the circumstances that he would find himself in during a battle, Moro may always be in an advantageous position.

Fans' Reaction Towards Gohan Beast Vs Moro UI Fight

The Dragon Ball franchise never lacks in fan support! Similarly, when it comes to Gohan Beast vs Moro UI showdown's publicity made fans excited to see these two fighters go up against each other!

Fans of the Dragon Ball Super series have been eagerly anticipating a battle between Gohan Beast and Moro Ultra Instinct. While there has been no official announcement regarding such a fight, fans have been speculating about who would emerge victorious. Based on the power levels and strengths of both characters, it would be a closely contested battle, with both fighters having their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Frequently Asked Questions about Two Characters (FAQs)

Who would win if Goku battles Gohan Beast?

It is difficult to say who would win in a battle between Goku and Gohan Beast. While Gohan Beast has a higher power level, Goku's experience and mastery of the Ultra Instinct form make him a formidable opponent in battle.

Is Moro stronger than Goku Ultra Instinct?

Moro in his Ultra Instinct form is certainly a powerful opponent, but he still has some way to go before he can match Goku's Ultra Instinct form. Goku's mastery of the form and his experience in battle make him virtually unbeatable in combat.

Can Gohan maintain his beast form for long?

Gohan's Beast form is incredibly powerful, but he can only maintain it for a limited time. The strain of using the form puts a significant toll on his body, and he can only use it when he is in a state of extreme anger.

How did Moro achieve ultra instinct power?

Moro gained his Ultra Instinct power by absorbing Merus, an angel in training who mastered the technique. By absorbing Merus's power, Moro was able to achieve the Ultra Instinct form and become even more powerful than before.


In conclusion, both Gohan Beast and Moro Ultra Instinct are incredibly powerful characters in the Dragon Ball Super universe. While Gohan Beast has a higher power level, Moro's magical abilities and energy attacks give him a significant advantage in long-range combat. Ultimately, in a battle between Gohan Beast and Moro Ultra Instinct, it would be a closely contested fight with both fighters having their own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, based on the overall strength and experience of both characters, it is likely that Moro Ultra Instinct would emerge victorious.

Other potential show-downs between Dragon Ball characters include Goku vs Vegeta, Frieza vs Cell, and Piccolo vs Buu. Each of these battles would be closely contested, with both fighters having their own set of unique strengths and abilities. Ultimately, it is these epic battles that have made the Dragon Ball Super series such a beloved and iconic part of pop culture.


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